mBank Hipoteczny is the longest operating mortgage bank
and the second largest issuer of mortgage bonds in Poland


We belong to the mBank Group, the fourth banking group in Poland in terms of assets. We play a strategic role in the group by securing stable, long-term and affordable funding for loans backed by real estate. To this end, we issue covered bonds both on domestic and foreign capital markets.


We develop our bond-issue activity based on two loan portfolios, which we build in close cooperation with mBank:

  • the portfolio of residential mortgage loans for individual clients;
  • the portfolio of loans to commercial real estate refinancing and residential real estate developers.


This model of functioning allows us to combine many years of experience and expertise of a specialised mortgage bank with the infrastructure and resources of a commercial universal bank. This way we can maximise synergy and cost efficiency within the mBank capital group.


Our mission is to ensure high safety of covered bonds issued and the development of attractive and modern forms of real estate financing offered by the mBank Group.


mBank, in which a strategic investor – Commerzbank – holds 69.28% of shares, is the sole shareholder of mBank Hipoteczny.






Basic information


mBank Hipoteczny S.A.


Registered office:
Ul. Prosta 18

00-850 Warsaw

dial. +48 662 169 775


Mailing address:

PO Box no 1005

00-001 Warsaw 1


Registered in the District Court
for the Capital City of Warsaw,
13th Commercial Division
of the National Court Register
under the number KRS: 0000003753,

the fully paid-up share capital amounts
to PLN 336,000,000.


NIP (Taxpayer ID No.): 526-23-16-250
REGON: 014953634


FATCA-GIIN: T2B1ED-00001-ME-616