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Knowledge and experience

Our long-standing activity in the real property market enables us to perfectly recognise the sector’s specific features in different economic conditions. Our strong experience in the financing of commercial property and developer’s housing projects places us among the largest lenders in that market and among the most competent advisers operating in the real property market. The team of our specialists is a guarantee of top quality service, competence and know-how. It is formed by practitioners in the area of banking, law and finance as well as the real property and construction market, including:

  • real property experts specialising in the science fields related to land surveying, economy, construction
  • construction engineers having long-standing experience in the management of construction processes
  • advisers and analysts of the real property market


We have a considerable experience in the area of research and analysis of the occurrences in the real property market, including the assessment and prediction of risks involved therein. As part of our advisory activity we have conducted analyses of both developer’s housing investment projects and commercial projects, including investments in completed commercial facilities. We are perceived as a reliable and proven adviser in the real property market, recognised and valued both by the construction and financial sector. We have co-operated with investment funds (e.g. Skarbiec TFI Sektora Nieruchomości, City Living Polska), bank companies (e.g. Bank DnB Nord Polska S.A., BRE Bank S.A., BRE Property Partner Sp. z o.o.) and individual entities.
As a result of our research and analysis activity we produce semi-annual reports on the current developments in the market for residential and commercial real property in Poland.


Our advisory services

The implementation of a commercial project is a lengthy and multi-stage process that needs to be well prepared and preceded by numerous analyses. We offer comprehensive advisory services in the following areas:

  • Real property valuation – valuation of land, completed commercial investment projects and projects under construction, developer’s projects and valuation of real property portfolios
  • Construction monitoring and budget monitoring – periodical monitoring of the construction process and assessment of the investment’s financial involvement
  • Due Diligence – legal and technical assessment of the investment Assessment of investment projects – assessment of projects which involve building, leasing or buying / selling real property
  • Project analyses – analytic works relating to investment projects, e.g. investment implementation strategies, financial projections, sensitivity analyses, highest & best use analyses, SWOT analysis, feasibility studies, profitability studies, price decompositions, business plans, analysis of material & financial time schedules and construction costs
  • Real property market analysis – broad-scale market surveys based on advanced statistical methods and own database, including, among others, analyses of rent rate, sales prices and capitalisation rates, demand and supply analyses, preference analyses, location attractiveness analyses, competition analyses, interviews and opinion polls in focus groups, etc.
  • Valuation of special purpose vehicles in the real property sector (SPV)
  • Verification of agreements accompanying investment projects in terms of securing various risks and investor’s interests


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